I produced a new film by director/writer Branden Blinn

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(After a long day of shooting ‘Toeing the Line’)
I had the opportunity to produce a new film this past month for director Branden Blinn called ‘Toeing the Line’. We had an incredibly talented cast (Jesse Pepe, D’Andre Lampkin, Kristin Erickson, and Zondra Wilson) and I had a great experience working alongside fellow producer Cisley Saldana. I saw the footage yesterday and was blown away by the performances.

(Fun behind the scenes shots of ‘Toeing the Line’)
Branden Blinn also wrote the film. He has a way of portraying the back-and-forths of love like no one else I have ever worked with! His undeniable success with the short film market has now led to his next project, a feature film called ‘Entitlement’ that we are in the stages of packaging. Kudos to Brendan for his new short film ‘Toeing the Line’. It is sure to be a festival killer! I can’t wait to get started on the next one! More pics and updates soon! xxo Ashley Eberbach

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